This Thanksgiving, join us as we express our gratitude the best way we know how: by raising a glass and toasting to you, loyal friend of Shawn Fine Wine & Spirits.

To make things as smooth as possible and to cater to whatever your price point is, we've created two six-pack collections for you.


Shawn Fine Wine - Thanksgiving Family Package

The Family Package contains easy-to-drink, crowd-pleasing bottles that will keep the whole table happy. There's something for everyone here, and each bottle is versatile enough to elevate your gathering's food and company.



Shawn Fine Wine - Thanksgiving Holiday Package

The Holiday Package is a little more focused, with wines that pair with your meal's beginning, middle, and end. From a California sparkler, through deep and complex dinner wines, to a Port for dessert, we've thought the whole thing through for you. Your new favorite wine is definitely in this six-pack.

Of course, if you're just looking for one or two bottles today, we've got you covered there too. Browse below for some of the staff's Thanksgiving favorites.

And as always, check out our cellar for highly limited, premium bottles.

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