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Railsback Frères, Vermentino/Vermentinu, Brick Barn Vineyard, Santa Ynez, California 2021

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The brothers' travels to the Mediterranean island of Corsica have uncovered some of their favorite French white wines, including the native Corsican grape Vermentino (or Vermentinu in local dialect).

Brick Barn vineyard is on pure sandy soil, which comes from being so close to the Santa Ynez River. Sediments deposited by Zaca Creek and the Santa Ynez River consist of up to 200 feet of unconsolidated gravel, sand, and clay, which are underlain by less permeable Upper Pliocene, Middle Miocene, and Lower Miocene marine deposits. Coarse in texture, this sand allows the roots of the Vermentinu to penetrate deeply to find waterways and nutrients.

This struggle for the vines makes for uncanny aromas, and in this bottling of Vermentinu from Brick Barn you can find a perfume of white blossoms and stone fruits. With fermentation and aging in neutral french oak barrels, the brothers seek to highlight the freshness and mouth-watering qualities of the marine air, reminiscent of those found in the Vermentinu from Corsica's "Ile de Beauté."

With aromas of white flowers, pink grapefruit, and a distinctive bitter almond finish, this dry white is versatile at the table. Perfect for seafood and white fish dishes, it also goes down easily on its own. Bottles empty themselves quicker than one could imagine.

Producer: Railsback Frères