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You've seen the pictures on social media and you've seen them listed, mysteriously, on bar menus. Skin-contact, or "orange" wine, is essentially white wine that (you guessed it) undergoes longer contact with the grape skins during the winemaking process.

To make traditional white wine, these grape skins are almost immediately discarded, letting the purity of the grape juice shine. With orange wines, the prolonged contact with the grape skins gives the wine more texture, pronounced pit fruit and nutty flavors, and stronger tannins.

This sampler explores some different orange wines made around the world, using organic, biodynamic, and non-interventionist farming methods:

Le Ragnaie "Civitella" Tuscany, Italy 2021
Made with the Fiano grape, this orange wine has a palate that is bone dry, with elegant mineral notes of dried apricots.

Kreydenweiss "Lune à Boire" Alsace, France 2020
A powerful wine with spicy notes, balanced by its freshness and minerality. A wine of pleasure to open with friends.

Forlorn Hope "Queen of The Sierra" Amber, California 2022
This beautifully nuanced and irreverently elegant wine goes down super easy, while showing plenty of aromatic and textural complexity.

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