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Zambon, Durello, Sparkling Wine "Vulcano" Verona, Italy NV

Zambon, Durello, Sparkling Wine "Vulcano" Verona, Italy NV

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Bright pale lemon, this sparkling wine is creamy, with scent of floral and stone fruits, a hint of brimstone and gentle mineral notes. Dry at the palate, the aftertaste is sour, refreshing and balanced with fruity notes.

The unique geological composition of the area of Roncà, east of the city of Verona, originated in the remote past from a warm, life-filled ocean that at one point, some 50 million years ago, was torn open by 3 enormous volcanic eruptions, whose creative force eventually gifted us the distinctively-shaped mountains we know today as Duello, Calvarina, and Crocetta.

These nature-rich heights with their hearts of basalt and dressing of clay comprise the enchanting countryside lying at the foot of the Monti Lessini.

The history and farming traditions that imbue this landscape form the very DNA of the men and women of the Zambon family, and have forged their indissoluble link with this land over four generations of vignerons. Thus, the family embody today their own personal interpretation of their corner of earth, now personified through the Volcano project.

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