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Vespa Vignaioli, Primitivo di Salento "Il Bruno dei Vespa" Puglia, Italy 2021

Vespa Vignaioli, Primitivo di Salento "Il Bruno dei Vespa" Puglia, Italy 2021

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100% Primitivo

Il Bruno dei Vespa's palate is smooth and ripe, with an attractive spicy character and a long velvety finish. This is a deeply flavored, rich expression of Primitivo that retains wonderful freshness and acidity. Pair with prosciutto and salami, meatballs, medium aged cheese.

Nestled in the beautiful southern Italian region of Puglia lies Vespa Vignaioli per Passione, a winery that brings passion and tradition to life through its sumptuous wines. Located in the Manduria area, the winery stands as a testament to the rich heritage of winemaking that has thrived in this region for centuries.

Vespa Vignaioli per Passione is set in the stunning “Masseria Li Reni”, an enchanting estate that spans over 25 hectares (60 acres) of lush vineyards. The estate is owned by the Vespa family, who have embraced and nurtured traditional varietals such as Negroamaro, Primitivo, Aleatico, and Uva di Troia.

The vineyards at Masseria Li Reni are rooted in history, with the average age of the vines ranging from 25 to 40 years for Primitivo, and 10 to 20 years for other varieties. These mature vines, coupled with the unique terroir of the region, contribute to the creation of wines with character and depth.

“Il Bruno dei Vespa” is a wine of incredible depth and complexity. The grapes are harvested in early September, ensuring optimum ripeness. Following a maceration period with the skins to extract color and flavor, the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in barriques. This process imparts a roundness and complexity to the wine.

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