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Terre di Maté, Cortese, Gavi di Gavi "Regaldina" Piedmont, Italy 2022

Terre di Maté, Cortese, Gavi di Gavi "Regaldina" Piedmont, Italy 2022

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Intense straw yellow at sight. The nose is reminiscent of chamomile and peach. The mouthfeel is fresh, intense and salty, with a slight bitter almond like finish. The short maceration provides a nice richness in the palate.

The must ferments in stainless steel vats with only the indigenous yeast (no inoculated yeast). The wine ages for 6 months and then is bottled during the following spring. Direct pressing. In the cellar no clarification (therefore it’s vegan friendly) and filtrations. Two rackings (no pumps, just gravity).

Stefania Carrea’s authentic passion and true respect for the land has been passed down by her dad Matteo and when he passed away, she inherited part of the property, embracing a whole different adventure and professional path, although without a high experience’s level. Stubborn and armed of good will, it’s fair to say that she has learnt quickly.

For this reason her little estate is inspired by the Dad’s name: “Matè” is just the dialectal variant of Matteo, the great mentor in Stefania’s life. Terre di Matè has been established in 2013 with the goal to farm according to the family’s traditional values, in harmony with nature and trying to achieve the best possible quality in the winemaking.

Organic and vegan certified.

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