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Tempus Fugit, Crème de Menthe "Glaciale" Switzerland 750ml

Tempus Fugit, Crème de Menthe "Glaciale" Switzerland 750ml

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Tempus Fugit Spirits Crème de Menthe is fully distilled from botanicals and is unique in its genre. After cross-referencing manuals in three languages, it was discovered that a true historic Crème de Menthe is quite a complex spirit, and cannot be made correctly with mint alone.

The botanicals are macerated and then fully distilled; the finished distillate is reduced with spring water and cane sugar, similar to the Crème de Cacao. Fully distilling botanicals for the Crème de Menthe is costly, and the heart of the distillation is quite small in yield. This method produces the best results and the most authentic product.

Entry flavor is sweet and viscous to the touch but the minty flavor is genuine and intensely splendid. This should be the only Crème de Menthe that astute bartenders who care about their craft will want.

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