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Pálffy, Tramini "Héja" Transdanubia, Hungary 2022

Pálffy, Tramini "Héja" Transdanubia, Hungary 2022

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Gyula and Attila Pálffy are a 6th and 7th generation father-son winemaking team in Köveskál, a tiny village north of Lake Balaton in Western Hungary. The soils of the estate give the wines their distinctive minerality - the ground has significant limestone, with smaller amounts of volcanic basalt and red sandstone.

The grapes come from the Mező-mál dűlő in Köveskál. “Mál” is an ancient Hungarian word that refers to a particularly warm piece of land. There has been wine production here since the early middle ages. The slope faces southward and has limestone and volcanic basalt soils, with some red sandstone. The vine stocks were planted in 2002 with a Royat cordon system.The wine is balanced, with intriguing flavors of spicy orange peel and green tea. Certified organic.

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