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Domenico Valentino

Orsolani, Erbaluce di Caluso "La Rustìa" Piedmont, Italy 2019

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100% Erbaluce di Caluso, a grape of Greek origin.

Straw yellow. Seriously fragrant, with sage and other aromatic herbs, fresh cut peach and pear, and citrus peels. A consistent and lingering palate of bold herbal and fruit flavors reinforces the seriousness of the wine. It is a unique, captivating wine, finishing with soft floral and mineral notes.

First produced in 1985, "La Rustia" refers to the strict grape selection employed by Orsolani. Only Erbaluce grapes from hill vineyards with a final golden color are picked — those that have "roasted in the sun." Aging is on the lees for six long months in steel containers that funnel Orsolani's 120 years into a bouquet of extraordinary and resolute complexity.

"La Rustia" is an absolute benchmark in the increasingly fertile Erbaluce world. The vineyards are situated on hills that are created in the Ice Age; moraine hills rich in minerals, rocks and sand. The composition of the soil, combined with the micro-climate that is mild throughout the year, make possible the birth of a wine of the utmost importance.

The history of the Orsolani winery began at the end of the nineteenth century, when Giovanni Orsolani and his wife Domenica returned from America and opened a restaurant: the Locanda Aurora. While his wife followed the activity in the kitchen, Giovanni worked in the vineyard and in the cellar for the wine production.