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Mantensei, Sake, Junmai Ginjo "Kinoko" Tottori, Japan 720ml

Mantensei, Sake, Junmai Ginjo "Kinoko" Tottori, Japan 720ml

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Kinoko translates to "mushroom" and represents Kuramoto Touda-san's love for mushrooms and being a self proclaimed fungi investigator. This limited edition, food-friendly sake is crafted to compliment mushroom & umami driven dishes and is brewed using 100% local rice.

A delicious sake to try at room temperature, warmed or chilled. Aromas of cocoa & dried porcini with notes of orange peel, mulling spice and caramel. Coffee, nuts & earthy notes on the finish.

Delicious with savory & umami rich dishes like wild mushroom risotto, coq au vin or pork soup dumplings.

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