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Maboroshi "Mystery" Junmai Ginjo Sake 720ml

Maboroshi "Mystery" Junmai Ginjo Sake 720ml

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This Junmai Ginjo is light, airy, well-balanced and delicious. Its character is understated and polite with delicate and fleshy notes of plum, cranberry and blood orange. This sake also boasts a subtle, underlying muskiness. Expect a crisp, clear finish. It should be chilled and enjoyed as it approaches room temperature. It pairs well with a wide range of foods.

Founded in 1871 and managed by the 6th generation president, the Nakao Brewery is located in the historic coastal town of Takehara in the Hiroshima region. In the 1940s, the brewery gained prominence by deriving ringo kobo, or apple yeast, and for developing ko-on toka, or the "high temperature fermentation" method for making the yeast starter.

Milled to 55%.

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