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Francesco Cirelli, Montepulciano "Wines of Anarchy" Rosato Frizzante, Abruzzo, Italy

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Montepulciano that undergoes spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts, and is then bottled unfined and unfiltered. A fun and fizzy Rosato that is bone dry, with lively bubbles, full of juicy red fruit.

Francesco Cirelli is a winemaker to watch in Abruzzo. Agricola Cirelli is a certified-organic farm, all of whose production is designed to respect the natural cycles of the olive trees, vineyards, horticultural crops and the animal breeding. Crop rotation, natural fertilization, and free range animal grazing are Agricola Cirelli’s “techniques” of production. This harmonious environment creates olive oil, wine, vegetables, fruit and meats of supreme quality.

The farm grows its food and wine in total respect of organic agriculture. Nature sets the rules and it dictates the rhythm of every activity. The animals’ interaction with the land offer natural grazing and fertilization of the vines, which means there is no need to use harmful chemical substances.

Country: Italy

Region: Abruzzo

Grape: Montepulciano

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