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Feudo Montoni, Nero d'Avola "Lagnusa" Sicily, Italy 2020

Feudo Montoni, Nero d'Avola "Lagnusa" Sicily, Italy 2020

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100% Nero d'Avola

Certified organic. Lagnusa is the name of the cru from which the grapes hail. The name has its origins in the vineyard which has always been called “lagnusa” by the farmers of Montoni. In Sicilian, “lagnusa” means that which is lazy and produces small quantities. Today, we know that a vineyard that produces less, creates higher quality.

The yields of Nero D’Avola from the Lagnusa cru were very abundant and the quality was optimal. Grapes were handpicked and placed in small cases. Fermentation is 100% in cement containers. Malolactic fermentation takes place completely in cement.
Aging is for 20 months in cement, 3 months in barrels, 4 months in the bottle.

Ruby red in color. Its structure does not want to conquer with strength, but rather with elegance. A complex perfume with notes of cherriesin-spirit, red plum, blackberry and warm spices that are in harmony with one another. The boldest aromas are of cinnamon and clove. Notes of menthol amplify the freshness of the taste. It is soft, velvety, sapid and laced with the right amount of delicate tannin on the palate.

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