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Producer: Luigi Ferrando > Region: Piedmont >

Ferrando, Erbaluce di Caluso "Etichetta Bianca" Italy 2022

Ferrando, Erbaluce di Caluso "Etichetta Bianca" Italy 2022

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100% Erbaluce

Erbaluce is capable of real magic in these Alpine foothills, and few wines show their place of origin as Ferrando’s flagship Erbaluce di Caluso “La Torrazza.”

A plethora of mountain herbs and alpine honey, teeming solar greenness, and a bounty of orchard fruits shine through accompanied by a penetrating acidity and intense mineral character.

Luigi Ferrando has long been the leading producer of wines from the Canavese region where his family’s winemaking tradition goes back to 1900. He has strong ties to the region, and his attachment and commitment run deep. The Canavese is part of Piedmont, at its very edge — an area renowned for its steeply terraced vineyards which impart a distinctive quality to the wines. The Erbaluce grape is an ancient white variety that originates, and can only be found, in the alpine foothills of this northwestern corner of Piedmont.

Producer: Luigi Ferrando

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

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