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Producer: Luigi Ferrando > Region: Piedmont >

Ferrando, Canavese Rosso "La Torrazza" Piedmont, Italy 2020

Ferrando, Canavese Rosso "La Torrazza" Piedmont, Italy 2020

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70% Nebbiolo with roughly 30% Barbera and a touch of a local variety known as “Neretta” (the “little black”).

This lovely red wine, vinified in stainless steel and bottled 12 to 15 months after harvest, is full of wild berries (notably strawberry and raspberry), spice, and a touch of warm earthiness. The tannins are delicate and fine which enables this wine to be consumed with pleasure in its youth.

Luigi Ferrando has long been the leading producer of wines from the Canavese region where his family’s winemaking tradition goes back to 1900. The Ferrandos painstakingly cultivate their Nebbiolo vineyards on the mountainside terroir of Carema, in an amphitheater that sits in the very shadows of Monte Bianco. The resulting wine is very different than its more famous cousins from Barolo or Barbaresco, and is sought after by connoisseurs for its finesse, complexity, and longevity.

Producer: Luigi Ferrando

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Grape: Nebbiolo

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