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Familia Torres, Cabernet Sauvignon "Gran Coronas" Reserva, Penedès, Spain 2019

Familia Torres, Cabernet Sauvignon "Gran Coronas" Reserva, Penedès, Spain 2019

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Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo; fruit from Mas la Plana vineyard blended with younger vineyards in the area. Dark cherry red color with garnet highlights. Intensely fruity (blueberries, cassis) with delicate spicy (black pepper) and balsamic notes. A balanced and nicely structured palate with ripe tannins well rounded by aging in excellent oak.

Gran Coronas represents a monumental turning point in innovation for Familia Torres. Miguel A. Torres went against regional norms, planting Cabernet Sauvignon in Penedès in the 1960s, when most plantings were to local white varieties. Miguel’s recognition for producing quality Cabernet Sauvignon brought Gran Coronas to become a benchmark wine for the region. By blending Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, followed by prolonged oak aging, one of the family’s finest wines is created.

The 2017 vintage saw a warm, dry growth season. After a cold winter, the spring started out mild, followed by a hotter-than-usual summer. In terms of precipitation, the winter was wet, spring saw normal amounts of rain, and the summer was very dry. Under these conditions, the grapes ripened much earlier than usual.

The wine is fermented in stainless steel under controlled temperature for 7-8 days, macerates for 2 weeks, and then is aged for a year in French oak (30% of which is new), and then in bottle for another year before release.

Country: Spain

Region: Penedès

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