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Faccia Brutto Apertivo, Brooklyn NY 750ml

Faccia Brutto Apertivo, Brooklyn NY 750ml

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Catching first the eye and then the taste buds, this classic blend of bitter roots and citrus is bright and complex. 17 fresh and dried organic botanicals such as gentian, kola nut, hibiscus and rhubarb root are infused into a non-GMO neutral grain spirit for two weeks. Water and fresh orange peels are added (2 oranges per bottle!) and steeped overnight. Finally the liquid is strained and filtered and organic cane sugar and cochineal is added to achieve the ruby hue we all love.

Produced and bottled in Brooklyn, NY.

"To irreverence towards the predictable and to rakish true originals, we say In Bocca Al Lupo E Buona Notte."

Producer: Faccia Brutto

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