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Domaine de Marzilly, Champagne Brut "Ullens" Lot No. 7, France NV

Domaine de Marzilly, Champagne Brut "Ullens" Lot No. 7, France NV

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80% Pinot Meunier, 20% Chardonnay

Champagne Ullens is an extremely unusual tale in Champagne because it is a brand-new domaine that has no history in the area. Architect Maxime Ullens, originally from Belgium, moved to France in 2012 after he and his wife Anna bought Domaine de Marzilly, on the very point of the Montagne de Reims.

Their goal was merely to restore the dilapidated farm house and outbuilding. As time went on, though, Maxime made friends with local farmers and started attending frequent tastings. Before he knew it, he had registered in the viticultural school in Avize and was taking classes in the area of winemaking. Maxime is experimenting with different toast levels and barrels constructed of a variety of materials, including clay, glass, and steel, all of which come from the domaine's own forest.

The resulting Champagnes are seriously vinous and complex, becoming standard fare at Michelin-starred restaurants across France in a short amount of time. Spicy, citrus, brioche, apple, and marine aromas. A long, delicate finish with notes of citrus, apples, brioche, sea, and dried fruits and nuts typical of fall. You can't help but want more of it because of the perfect harmony.

Champagne Ullens uses exclusively organic methods in the care of their vineyards, and Maxime waits a minimum of twelve months in barrel and thirty-six months in bottle before disgorging his wines.

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