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Cume do Avia, Arraiano Tinto, Spain 2020

Cume do Avia, Arraiano Tinto, Spain 2020

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A juicy and quaffable blend of multiple Galician varieties, Cume de Avia’s Arraiano Tinto is a table-wine style that goes down too easily and will likely become one of your go-to everyday reds.

A light ruby color, the Arraiano Tinto is a fruit bomb of mineral-driven red berry fruits, red cherry, fresh raspberries, pomegranate with a touch of cherry skin sweetness.

Cume do Avia’s range of red wines is a unique and exciting addition to the resurgence of the Iberian Peninsula’s many sleeping wine giants. Their wines manage to be both concentrated and lithe at the same time. There are no fertilizers or soil amendments in the vineyards, which keeps the wines as true and pure as possible, and prevents them from being overly vigorous and unnecessarily weighted.

They’re low alcohol, high acidity wines with energy like rays of sunlight through the clouds on a fresh, wet spring morning.

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