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Braulio Amaro dello Stelvio 1L

Braulio Amaro dello Stelvio 1L

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The alpine gem aged in the heart of the mountain.

Braulio is an aged Amaro with a unique profile that captures the distinctive aromas and flavors of nature in the Stelvio National Park in northern Italy's Valtellina region. Born in Bormio at the heart of Stelvio in 1875 by the pharmacist Francesco Peloni, with a 100% natural, mountain-ingredient secret recipe that's been passed down unchanged from generation to generation, Braulio's complex multi-layered flavors reflect the inner spirit of the mountains.

The ingredients for the use of this unique Amaro are exclusively fresh herbs and spring water from the Valtellina mountain region. The herbs are dried at the fresh mountain air and then fermented with spring water.

It is amber brown with reddish hints. On the nose, notes of wood and roots, from which gentian root stands out, rounded out by refreshing fragrances of juniper and aromatic herbs and wormwood on the finish. The palate is robust with flavors of dried fruit, bark, and intense herbs including gentian, juniper, and mint. The drink has a pleasant bitterness, but also a foresty, piney character with a distinct menthol note.

This amaro rests in Slavonian oak barrels for 15 months.

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