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Avignonesi, Sangiovese "Da-Di" Rosso Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy 2021

Avignonesi, Sangiovese "Da-Di" Rosso Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy 2021

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100% Sangiovese

Nose with intense and fascinating, precise and varietal aromas. Notes of cherry, ripe raspberries and currants intertwine with harmonious nuances of rosolio and wild strawberry. Viscous, dense, vibrant and explosive on the palate. Red fruits such as morello cherry and black cherry caress the palate accompanied by floral touches.

The well-present tannin spreads on the lips recalling the real and tenacious Sangiovese di Toscana. The finish is the highest point of the encounter between freshness and sweetness, a combination that only terracotta wine can offer.

For this particular wine, Avignonesi has put aside steel and oak in favour of Tuscan clay. Chinese for “earth, soil”, the name Da-Di was chosen to underline this particularity.

Da-Di is vinified in 13 terracotta vessels made in Tuscany. Vinification with 10% of whole bunches. Fermentation with indigenous yeast and maceration of approximately 30 days with manual punching down.

The sediments you might find in this wine show that it is made of pure Sangiovese with minimal intervention. The deposit is due to its high content of a natural antioxidant called quercetin, which is perfectly safe. This is not a flaw, it is a characteristic of the pure Sangiovese.

Certified organic and biodynamic.

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