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La Sirene de Giscours (2nd of 3ème) Margaux, Bordeaux 2015

La Sirene de Giscours (2nd of 3ème) Margaux, Bordeaux 2015

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60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc

La La Sirène de Giscours is an accessible, elegant wine with a range of aromas marked by fruit, beautiful freshness on the palate, and silky tannins that melt into a creamy texture. With its delicate Margaux touches, it can be drunk young but will also age very well.

The 2015 vintage of Sirène de Giscours offers a rich black cherry, raspberry, red fruit bouquet. It has silky tannins and a nice spicy finish, and is probably one of the best Sirènes de Giscours elaborated.

Why does the label feature a mermaid clad in gold and holding a vine? The answer regarding the origins of the Giscours mermaid (‘sirène’ in French) did not come until the early 20th century. Emile Grange, who had recently acquired Château Giscours from the Cruse family, wanted to add his own personal touch to the estate. One winter evening, sat beside one of the living room fireplaces, he noticed a picture of a mermaid on the cast iron plaque. This one image invaded and occupied his thoughts. Try the wine, and it will also surely invade and occupy your thoughts.

Country: France

Region: Bordeaux

Subregion: Margaux

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