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Egon Muller, Riesling, Scharzhofberger Kabinett, Mosel 2018

Egon Muller, Riesling, Scharzhofberger Kabinett, Mosel 2018

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Egon Müller's Domaine Scharzhofberger took this name in 1797 in the heart of the German Mosel, about thirty kilometers from Luxembourg. Its modern history begins with Egon Müller's great-grandfather, a certain Egon Müller. All Müller generations have had the same surname and first name. The current descendant is therefore Egon Müller IV who took up the torch in 1991.

However, the Shcharzhofberger vineyard began long before the arrival of the Müllers. Indeed‚ it is in the year 700 that we find the first traces of vine cultivation and winemaking. It was at the monastery of Saint-Marien ad Martyres in Trier where this ecclesiastical vintage was one of the only ones in the region without any indication of origin.

In the vineyard‚ Riesling and nothing but Riesling‚ is planted on hillsides to make mountaineers green. The southern exposure allows slow ripening of the berries‚ key to the success of German Riesling. The total area of ​​the vineyard represents 8 hectares planted on steep shales. We can also consider Scharzhofberger as an altitude domain since the vineyard overlooks Ruwer between 190 and 310 meters above sea level.

The wines of Egon Müller's Domaine Scharzhofberger are very rare and extremely coveted. The unique style of the cru lies in a perfect balance between sugar and acidity. In general‚ Egon wines are aromatically very floral and extremely mineral. The behavior in the mouth is always the same. Frank attack with a little stimulating sparkle‚ little alcoholic power, but very aromatic and an exceptionally long finish. Depending on the cuvée, the sugar concentration is variable‚ starting with a few grams of residual sugar for the little Scharzhof and a monumental concentration for the (hold on tight): "Scharzhofberger Trockenbeerenauslese" placing itself among the rarest and above all the most dear in the world.

You understood it well‚ from its small cuvées to its mythical crus sold at auction, Egon Müller IV plays in the court of the very great winegrowers and is indisputably one of the biggest names in wine internationally.

In addition to Germany, Egon Muller also produces in Slovakia with Château Belá, in collaboration with Miroslav Petrech since the 2001 vintage. The estate was bought in 1999 by Egon's wife, it is located on the left bank Danube, the natural border between Slovakia and Hungary. The 6 hectares of hillsides are facing south, beautiful Rieslings on limestone soil benefiting from a continental climate close to the German Mosel.

Country: Germany

Region: Mosel

Grape: Riesling

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