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Producer: Côte de Beaune > Subregion: Meursault

Domaine Michelot, Chardonnay, Meursault 1er Cru Charmes, Cote de Beaune 2016

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This Premier Cru is found mid-slope on the border between Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet. The slope is very regular at between 3% and 6% and the soil is clay/limestone with red earth. The subsoil is a mixture of earth and flat volcanic rock which allows an extensive root system to develop. These conditions bring finesse and a touch of minerality to the wine.

The wine has pleasing citrus and mineral notes, rich without being heavy. Notes of hazelnuts appear after 8 years or so in bottle.

It goes very well with fish, shellfish and foie gras.

In general, the wine should be drunk within 4 to 8 years after bottling but may be kept for up to 15 years, even longer for some vintages.

Producer: Country: France

Region: Côte de Beaune

Subregion: Meursault

Grape: Chardonnay

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