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> Region: Piedmont > Subregion: Barbaresco

Marcarini "Elvio Pertinace" Barbaresco 1997

Marcarini "Elvio Pertinace" Barbaresco 1997

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To understand Marcarini Winery, one must look beyond its most contemporary aspects of modern vineyard and vinification equipment and its growing international market: one must examine its history and traditions. 

Today as in the past, the Marcarini family, now six generations strong, manages their own vineyards with passion. They produce wine according to the most rigorous Piedmont and, in particular, Langhe traditions. This is the Marcarini Winery: its proprietors, vineyards, wine cellars, wines and history. 

It is a history made by intelligent choices and hard work, by technique and intuition, lived far away from the spotlight; a history for friends and for all fine wine lovers who yearn for things made well and with heart. 

In the village of La Morra in the Langhe, where the vine has since time immemorial dominated over other cultivations, the winemaker’s ancient spirit is revived daily, with the noble goal of capturing the perfection of quality in each wine.

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Subregion: Barbaresco

Grape: Nebbiolo

Type: Red

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