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Amaro Nonino Quintessentia 750ml

Producer: Distillatori Nonino

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From Distillatori Nonino in Friuli. Created in 1992 from the union between Antonio Nonino’s ancient recipe and the experience of the Nonino family in the art of distillation. Amaro Nonino starts with a base of grape distillate, is infused with mountain herbs, and then aged in barrique.

It's delicious as an aperitivo served with a slice of orange or on its own as a digestivo. Less aggressive than many amari, Nonino will convert anyone who says they don't like the stuff. This amaro is smooth and sweet upfront, finishing mildly but pleasantly bitter. The possibilities for this elegant liqueur are endless.

Type: Amaro

Producer: Distillatori Nonino

Country: Italy

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