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Amaro Montenegro, Italy 750ml

Amaro Montenegro, Italy 750ml

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Original since 1885. Called the first Italian herbal liqueur, Montenegro Amaro was first made in Bologna in 1885 by the young rebel genius Stanislao Cobianchi in homage to Princess Elena of Montenegro, future queen of Italy. D'Annunzio sang its praise, calling it "liqueur of the virtues."

40 botanicals from all over the world, selected, extracted and mixed according to a secret recipe, handed down through the generations. Using a distinct and traditional process of boiling, maceration, and distillation, the resulting liqueur is more pleasantly sweet than bitter: clove, citrus, and vanilla shine through.

The liquid itself is clear with warm amber hues that enchant at first glance. Its flavors and aromas are intense, authentic and full of delightful herbal notes. Unique and unmistakable.

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