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Luxardo "Triplum" Triple Sec Orange Liqueur 750ml

Luxardo "Triplum" Triple Sec Orange Liqueur 750ml

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Triplum is a classic "triple sec" distilled by Luxardo, faithful to the production specifications of the mid 19th century.

The “triple sec” name indicated, in the tradition of that century, a liqueur obtained from the distilled dried peels of three types of citrus fruits: mainly curaçao (a bitter orange of the Dutch Antilles, from the island of that name), together with sweet oranges and mandarins.

Luxardo Triplum is obtained from the distillation of the three types of citrus fruit mentioned above with the separation of the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’. Only the ‘heart’, i.e. the central and best part, is sent to a second distillation. Other ingredients are included in the Luxardo recipe: dried orange flowers (zagara), pennyroyal, vervain, and others.

All this gives to the distillate a unique, refined aroma. The distillate is filtered, diluted and sugared. It is one of the few liqueurs obtained by distillation.

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