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Garage Wine, País "215 BC Ferment" Cauquenes, Secano Interior DO, Chile 2018

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100% País (aka Mission, aka Pipeño)

País first came to Chile as raisins on-board Spanish ships in the 1600s, and vineyards were planted from the raisin seeds to make wine for Catholic mass. Some of these age old vineyards have survived since colonial times and now form the background of “Pipeño,” which over the last century is to Chile what Beaujolais is to France — fresh, fruity, everyday wine for the masses.

This example is sourced from old vines in three organically farmed Maule Valley vineyard sites. Winemaking is as natural as it gets in order to showcase this historical grape in the most pure context possible. The varietal’s fierce and rustic tannins come through near the finish here, and everything up to that point is smooth and refreshing.