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Producer: Meletti > Region: Marche > Subregion: Ascoli-Piceno

Meletti Amaro 750ml

Meletti Amaro 750ml

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Located in Ascoli-Piceno on the Adriatic coast, the Meletti family has been producing world class liqueurs since 1870. Many of the ingredients used in Amaro Meletti are sourced from the Marche region from growers who work exclusively with the family but this amaro contains ingredients from all over the globe as well. Known botanicals include anise, clove, gentian, orange peel, saffron, and violets.

The method of cold-extraction known as percolation is used to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas. An assortment of ingredients are placed in the upper section of the still and alcohol flavored with additional ingredients is pumped over and through it. This is repeated continuously until the Amaro is ready to be filtered and bottled.

Amaro Meletti is produced according to a secret family recipe that originated at the turn of the century. It is a delicious aperitif when served over ice and is quite refreshing when mixed with seltzer. However, this remarkable blend of herbs and spices is traditionally enjoyed after dinner.

Amber in color, with sweet caramel, cola spices, and a distinctly floral high note balanced by just the right amount of herbaceous bitterness.

Producer: Meletti

Country: Region: Marche

Subregion: Ascoli-Piceno

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