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Echeverria Propuesta Maiopo Valley

Echeverria Propuesta Maiopo Valley

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Valley: Curicó Valley (Entre Cordilleras)
Soil: Alluvial in origin. Clay loam with the presence of stones at 80 cm. Fertile soils allow the vines to express all their vegetative and fruit potential.
Altitude: 243m above sea level.
Weather: Mediterranean with a long, dry summer season and intense sunlight. Marked DTR (Diurnal Temperature Range, or difference between day and night temperatures), key for assisting the development of flavours.
Annual rainfall: 600mm average during winter, mostly between June and August.


The vineyards at Viña Echeverría are located in the Curicó Valley and the rows are planted in an east-westerly direction to potentiate the sun’s exposure. We work with a model of micro viticulture, which means that each plot, no more than half a hectare, is identified according to its terroir and microclimate and planted, pruned, irrigated and harvested accordingly, resulting in grapes of optimum quality and flavor.

Country: Chile

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon

Type: Red

Viticulture: Practicing Organic

Vinification: Natural

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