New year, new me, right? Look, we’re all trying. If you’re thinking about getting up on the wagon but can’t quite stay on, here are some lower-alcohol options:

At 11.5% ABV, the delicious and delicate Bisol “Jeio” Prosecco Superiore is the perfect way to ease you into the new year. Fresh and stimulating, its fruit and flower notes, along with its consistent body, make it an ideal pairing for an entire meal. The holiday celebrations may be over, but here’s to you, celebrating yourself.

Another option you might like is a light and fruity Lambrusco. Perfect as an aperitivo, the soft yet flavorsome Fior di Lambrusco Rosé will have your mouth watering. Lively fruit balanced with a delicate creaminess make this a drink you’ll be reaching for again and again. We won’t blame or shame you for polishing off the bottle, especially as it’s only 11% ABV.

If you like the bubbles of a traditional Champagne, Cava, or Prosecco, but you’ve resolved to be a little more adventurous in your eating and drinking this year, try some delicious, friendly frizzante pet-nat. Francesco and Michela Cirelli, from the Abruzzo region of Italy, are all-organic producers who have dedicated themselves to making wines that demonstrate their love of the land. At 11.5% ABV, their effervescent Rosato is a dry, fun Montepulciano bursting with juicy red fruit. Their Bianco, even less boozy at 10.5%, is similarly joyful.

Let’s finish things off with an after-dinner drink. Everyone knows Bailey’s, but have you tried Amarula? A South African cream liqueur infused with marula fruit (whatever that is), this is like a fruitier, sharper Bailey’s. Perfect after dinner, and even more perfect with accompanying dessert. And hey, only 17% ABV.

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