At the beginning of October the Shawn team had the pleasure of visiting the High West distillery in Wanship, Utah. The visit luckily coincided with the annual release of Midwinter Night's Dram and the first ever release of The Encore: Act 1 Scene 1.

We tasted through the whiskies and were impressed with this years blends. The Encore is aged in white port barrels and offered a lighter fruitier style to the more robust and woody Midwinter Night's Dram Act 10 Scene 1. The Encore had a nose of Earl Gray tea, cedar box, licorice, ginger and apricots. On the pallet we tasted marmelaide, nutmeg, vanilla and roasted pecans.

That weekend, the distillery completely sold out of both bottlings; MWND Act 10 Scene 1 and MWND The Encore Act 1 Scene 1. We were able to secure only two bottles for the shop and as of today, have one bottle left.

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