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Suriol, Malvasia de Stiges "Cal Ron" Penedès, Spain, 2021

Suriol, Malvasia de Stiges "Cal Ron" Penedès, Spain, 2021

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"Cal Ron" is a white wine made with Malvasia de Sitges (a Catalan variety of the Malvasia grape family; historically used in sweet wines, it’s now enjoying a sort of renaissance as a distinctive dry white wine).

The power of the Malvasia de Sitges, softened by aging in amphorae creates a fruity, powerful and fresh wine, perfect for playing around with the pairing – try it with some richer, creamy chicken & fish dishes or flavorsome Asian recipes.

The grapes are pressed directly and the must is decanted in underground tanks. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation with indigenous yeasts and bacteria only. Aged 8 months on lees in ceramic amphorae. Bottled the following summer, without filtering, fining or adding sulfites.

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