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Southern Wine & Spirits

Rabbit Hole "Dareringer" Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in PX Sherry Cask 750ml

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Dareringer is perfectly sweet with the smallest kiss of spice. This charming whiskey invites you in with an intoxicating nose of sherry and cherry. On the palate, Dareringer displays elegant flavors of raisins and currants coupled with hints of almond and vanilla.

This super-premium Straight Bourbon Whiskey is carefully crafted by taking fine wheated bourbon aged in alligator char barrels and resting it in hand-made Pedro Ximenez Sherry Casks from Spain's renown Casknolia Cooperage. Rabbit Hole then blends no more than fifteen barrels to produce the desired flavor profile — a true small batch. They also forgo any chill filtering, which gives this bottling the most authentic barrel-to-bottle flavor in the market.