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Pierre Frick, Sylvaner, Bergweingarten, Alsace, France 2017

Pierre Frick, Sylvaner, Bergweingarten, Alsace, France 2017

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The wine's aroma is filled with fields of white flowers like elderberry and yellow fruits, with shades of saffron. On the palate, it is dry and ripe with notes of fennel and rhubarb, a fresh finish with hints of zest of pomelo.

The Pierre Frick estate has been associated with vineyards for twelve generations, and today Jean-Pierre and Chantal, and their son Thomas, take care of 12 hectares of family vineyards. Jean-Pierre Frick is a true biodynamics guru, experimenter and philosopher of wine, since 1970 practicing organic methods. His vineyards received a biodynamic certificate in 1981.

In the cellar, Jean-Pierre says "we do not produce, we breed authentic, healthy and lively wines." Wines receive a minimum amount of sulfite before bottling. Thus each of the wines expresses the initial balance born of the terroir, harvest and care that the Frick family brings to the vine. To preserve the purity of the wine, since 2002 Jean-Pierre Frick has replaced the cork stopper with a stainless steel capsule.

Country: France

Region: Alsace

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