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Pálffy, Kékfrankos "Rubin" Káli, Hungary 2019

Pálffy, Kékfrankos "Rubin" Káli, Hungary 2019

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100% Kékfrankos

Attila and Gyula Pálffy are a father-son winemaking duo in the traditional winemaking village of Köveskál, located in the Káli basin north of Lake Balaton in western Hungary. They make small-production organic wines from historic vineyard sites around the village.

This is a Síller, a traditional Hungarian wine style between a light red and a deep rosé, called Rubin (“Ruby”).  It is made from Pálffy’s favorite local red variety, Kékfrankos, grown on the volcanic soils of the Fekete hegy (“black hill”) in Köveskál.  The Rubin is ruby in color and tastes bright and juicy, with flavors of citrus, watermelon, honeydew, plum, and salt. Certified organic. 

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