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Le Ragnaie, Fiano, Toscana Bianco "Civitella" Tuscany, Italy 2021

Le Ragnaie, Fiano, Toscana Bianco "Civitella" Tuscany, Italy 2021

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Made with the Fiano grape, this orange wine has a palate that is bone dry, with elegant mineral notes of dried apricots. All farming is biodynamic.

Le Ragnaie is known for its elegant, terroir-driven wines that stand out in this Tuscan powerhouse category. The owner and winemaker, Riccardo Campinoti, acquired the property in 2002 and now farms 15.5 hectares of some of the highest altitude vineyards in Montalcino. Le Ragnaie’s red wines are made from 100% Sangiovese Grosso and exhibit elegance and finesse. All wines are bottled unfiltered and certified organic in the vineyards and cellar.

All vineyards are worked following the strict guidelines of organic agriculture. Le Ragnaie uses no chemical fertilizers and plants cover crops (legumes, clovers, and grasses) in the fall in lieu of fertilizer. This helps to regenerate the land after a long summer season and to enrich the organic matter in the soil.

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