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Il Farneto, Malvasia di Candia Aromatica "Giandon" Bianco, Castellarano, Emilia Romagna, Italy NV

Producer: Il Farneto

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100% Malvasia

A moderately funky, certainly aromatic, and definitely drinkable natural orange wine from Emilia-Romagna. Notes of tropical fruit, crisp red apple, citrus, and juicy peaches. This textured wine becomes orange after spending three weeks on the skins.

Certified biodynamic, Il Farneto makes wines with popular regional grapes in fun styles and with fun labels.

Marco Bertoni founded Il Farneto in the 90s. The intent was to contribute to sustainable agriculture initiatives, producing grapes while respecting the environment. The 8 hectares of vineyard are relatively close to the residential areas of Castellarano and Sassuolo, but thanks to their elevation they preserve a particularly isolated position. The territory presents a wide variety of biodiversity thanks to its favorable microclimate. Farneto fields naturally lend themselves to biodynamic agriculture, and the quality of Farneto grapes perfectly suit an organic vinification process.

Producer: Il Farneto

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