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Hillrock Estate Distillery Solera Aged Bourbon 750ml

Hillrock Estate Distillery Solera Aged Bourbon 750ml

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Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon is the first American whiskey to be aged in the centuries-old Solera method used to create exceptional Sherries, Ports, Madeiras, and Cognacs. Recognized internationally, this award winning whiskey is finished in 20 year old Oloroso Sherry casks which give it floral notes layered with fig, roasted walnuts, candied fruit, and spicy rye.

In the early 1800s, New York produced more than half the young nation’s Barley and Rye, and the Hudson Valley was the country’s breadbasket. With abundant high quality grain, local craft spirits flourished and over 1000 farm distilleries produced Whiskey and Gin reflecting the unique terroir of the region. In the 1930s, Prohibition forced these distilleries to shut their doors and this wellspring of American spirits was left dry.

Hillrock Estate Distillery is changing this. Its mission is to produce the finest hand-crafted spirits made with estate grain, floor malted, craft distilled in copper pot still, aged in fine oak and hand bottled at the estate in the Hudson Valley Highlands.

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