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Henri & Gilles Buisson, Chardonnay, Saint-Romain "Sous Le Chateau" Côte de Beaune, Burgundy, France 2015

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The Buisson family name is intimately linked to the destiny of Saint-Romain, a wine-growing village since its origins. All of them, as far as we can remember, have always worked the vines since 1758. It was Henri Buisson, a true pioneer, who bought 5 hectares of vines and thus wrote the first page of the family's destiny, in s settling as an independent winegrower in 1947, the date on which Saint-Romain obtained its AOC.

This independence, this freedom, the “Henri et Gilles Buisson” estate has since claimed it, by practicing a wine culture faithful to its deep values. Gilles, Henri's son, and his wife Monica will continue the story in their own way. They will extend the vineyard which will reach 14 hectares in 2000. They will create a new winery from scratch and will invest in wine-growing equipment. Thanks to them, the locomotive is running. They pass on to their children a powerful tool that will allow the two brothers to express themselves.

Facing South/South-East, this plot located under the ruins of an old castle, 370 meters on the hillside, is generously caressed by the rays of the sun. The plant benefits as its roots grow in very shallow soil on hard limestone, and draw between the faults. This Saint-Romain “Sous Le Château” is therefore the result of a subtle harmony between the solar maturity of the climate and the rusticity of its soil: a powerful, structured wine, full of richness with fat and substance. The warm mouth of apricot, peach, spicy and mineral notes, will develop delicious aromas of white truffle if you know how to wait between 8 and 10 years.

Country: France

Region: Côte de Beaune

Grape: Chardonnay

Type: White

Viticulture: Practicing Organic

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