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Producer: Faury > Region: Northern Rhône > Subegion: Saint-Joseph

Domaine Faury, Marsanne/Roussane, Saint-Joseph Blanc, Northern Rhône, France 2017

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The blend is roughly 60% Marsanne, 40% Roussanne

Ages for 10 months on lees, 30% in 1 to 5 year-old barrels, 70% in stainless steel. Mostly aged in tank to preserve as much freshness and fruit as possible. The little bit of wine that was aged in oak will give you a delightful glimmer of opulence. The result is very delicate, round, and elegant, showcasing classic notes of peachy stone fruit.

Along the steep, narrow valley that traces the northern Rhône, the appellations of Côte-Rôtie, Condrieu and Saint-Joseph take their place among the great wines of France, and Domaine Faury is one of the region’s most artisanal producers.

When Philippe Faury took over the domaine in 1979, the family was selling wine, peaches and cherries, and the bulk of their clientele was local. Over the years, Philippe expanded their holdings to over eleven hectares, and expanded sales to an international client base. In addition, he has shared his savoir faire with his son, Lionel. In 2006, Lionel took over the reins at Domaine Faury, comfortably stepping into the role of vineyard and cellar manager to build off his father's hard work and take the domaine to new heights.

Producer: Faury

Country: France

Region: Northern Rhône

Subegion: Saint-Joseph

Grape: Marsanne

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