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Domaine du Pélican, Pinot Noir, Arbois "Clos Saint-Laurent" Jura, France 2020

Domaine du Pélican, Pinot Noir, Arbois "Clos Saint-Laurent" Jura, France 2020

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Domaine du Pélican decided to produce a 100% Pinot Noir cuvée for the first time with the 2018 vintage, resisting until then out of concern they would perhaps not master the vinification of Pinot Noir outside of Burgundy.

But master it they have. This Pinot is made mostly from the Clos Saint Laurent parcel that is located just behind the winery and sits at an altitude of approximately 350 meters. The soil is made of fallen rocks ("éboulis calcaires") of Bajocian limestone over grey marls, and the vines are between 10 and 45 years old. The wine is aged in a combination of Burgundy barrels (60%) and in vats 40% without any no new oak.

After being impressed with a red wine from Jura and believing it to be incomparably Burgundian, Guillaume d’Angerville was inspired to begin a search for vineyards in the Jura. After leasing Château Chavanes in Montigny-les-Arsures, Guillaume gained access to 5 hectares of biodynamically farmed vines that had been impeccably replanted ten years prior by the former owner. In 2014, Jacques Puffeney announced he would be retiring and that Guillaume would be taking over 4 hectares of his vineyards.

Within a short of period of time, Guillaume and his team in the Jura, led by François Duvivier, have adopted a Jurassic sensibility and are poised to do great things. The domaine is supported by an additional 5 hectares of vines never touched by chemicals and formerly farmed by Jean-Marc Brignot.

Producer: Domaine du Pelican

Country: France

Region: Jura

Grape: Pinot Noir

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