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Do Ferreiro, Albariño, Val do Salnes, Rías Baixas, Spain 2021

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Do Ferreiro is highly regarded for crafting albariño in Rias Biaxas and Do Ferreiro has become a reference point for the grape. They farm over 175 tiny plots of albariño by hand, all located in the Salnés subzone of Rías Baixas. This valley’s proximity to the ocean, ideal climate due to the natural protection by mountain ranges, and decomposed granitic soil have gained the reputation for being the best zone in Rías Baixas for growing profound albariño.

The blend of these plots is what makes up Do Ferreiro Albariño. No other grape varieties or regions are blended into Do Ferreiro, as is common with many albariño wines. Fermentations are exclusively carried out by native yeasts, in stainless steel. Practicing organic.

Extended lees aging (six months) gives this wine a uniquely regionally correct albariño flavor.