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Chacra, Pinot Noir "Barda" Patagonia, Argentina 2020

Producer: Chacra

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Chacra Barda is pure, mineral-driven, and powerful Pinot Noir with concentrated flavors of red plum and dried raspberry, loaded with powerful meaty notes. Sandalwood accents linger on the finish, showing caressing tannins.

Its structure being rather airy and open, Barda was conceived to be consumed while still fresh and young. Its alcohol percentage is generally low – 12 to 13 percent. Produced from Chacra’s youngest vineyards, Barda has a strong character and is intended to be versatile – a perfect companion for most foods.

The vineyards, planted in 1990, grow on slightly sandy soils. As with all Chacra's vineyards, Barda’s are ungrafted and massale selection yielding over 2 kilos per plant. The wine is fermented at low temperatures in round cement tanks, with natural and unfiltered indigenous yeasts.

A perfect pairing for fish, salads and omelets.

Producer: Chacra

Country: Argentina

Grape: Pinot Noir

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