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Manoir de Montreuil "Sélection" Calvados

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Young and bottled a touch hotter than most Calvados at 44% ABV, this bright, green apple expression is a farm-driven estate Calvados for the cocktail set. Angular and assertive, its purity of fruit and dry, acidic finish maintain excellent structure in mixed drinks or in a highball with tonic, as it’s enjoyed in Normandy!

Manoir de Montreuil is a collaboration between legendary importer Charles Neal and veteran calvados producer Patrice Giard. The project uses apples from Giard's beautiful, cow-filled orchards in the Pays d'Auge which are distilled twice using a traditional Alembic still. Older varieties of apples are favored because of their complexity despite the fact that they don't produce as much juice.

The Montreuil label represents a more fruit-forward style than Giard's classic line. Charles blends a spirit with bright orchard tones that sit very nicely in a cocktail, but the calvados has enough finesse to enjoy on its own.

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