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Le Boncie "Il Cinque" Toscana IGT, Italy 2019

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95% Sangiovese, 5% Colorino

“Il Cinque” is the little sibling of “Le Trame” from Podere Le Boncie. Originally this wine was sold only at the winery and was essentially created from younger or less well-positioned vines. The name “Il Cinque” recognizes the original composition of the wine, namely five grape types classic to the production of the finest Chianti Classico: principally Sangiovese with Colorino, Mammolo, Fogliatonda and Ciliegiolo completing the quintet.

The wine is no longer composed of these five grapes, but Giovanna says the name also refers to the relative precociousness of the wine, thus a wine to “keep at hand” (5 fingers). She also notes that grape vines have five leaves and flowers per bunch, that their house address is number 5, and that in Italian school you are graded one to ten, with five not quite passing, a bit of ironic understatement and a wink-of-the-eye modesty in reference to a wine that has assumed a rather majestic place amongst the elite wines of Tuscany. "Cinque" is perhaps less formidably structured than the "Le Trame" but it is no less noble. All parts of a good story to justify this quirky name.

Vineyard work is conducted according to the general principles of the biodynamic movement. Harvesting is by hand. Fermented in steel and then spending one year in wood vats of varying sizes (5 to 30 hectoliters). It is then assembled in tank, left to rest for a bit, and finally bottled without fining or filtration.

Grape: Sangiovese

Country: Italy

Region: Chianti Classico