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Bruno Ciofi, Chenin Blanc "Ze Chenin" Vin de France 2020

Bruno Ciofi, Chenin Blanc "Ze Chenin" Vin de France 2020

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Bruno Ciofi's first job was with Jean-Pierre Frick, a pioneer of biodynamic farming in Alsace. (Jean-Pierre was farming organically in 1970 and converted to biodynamics in 1981.) Bruno worked with the Fricks for thirteen years until being offered the winemaker position at Domaine de la Pinte in Jura in 2008. (Domaine de la Pinte is 34 hectares, organic since '99, and practicing biodynamic since 2009.)

In 2014, Bruno met Virgine Joly, daughter of Nicholas Joly of La Coulée de Serrant. After a two year long distance relationship, he decided to move to Anjou to be closer to her. Luckily for him, Mark Angeli was looking for a partner at Ferme de la Sansonnière at the same time and they hit it off. Bruno's first vintage with Mark was 2016.

At the start of 2017, Bruno started brainstorming a small project to do on his own. His mission was to champion local wines that were important parts of the region's identity but because of a lack of attention had not been made well. (Enter: Rose d’un Jour and the off-dry rose wines of Anjou.)

Outside of Mark Angeli’s incredible Rose d’un Jour, which he has been making since the late 90s, the category has been overlooked. Bruno sees the work he's doing at Beret et Compagnie to be similar to what he undertook at Domaine de la Pinte in 2008 but with the rose moelleux wines of Anjou instead of Poulsard. And we all know now how great a well made Poulsard can be.

Country: France

Grape: Chennin Blanc

Type: White

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