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Bournet-Lapostolle "Clos Apalta" Valle De Apalta, Colchagua Valley, Chile 2016

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A glass of Clos Apalta opens the doors to a dream. Just retreat into yourself and listen to what it has to offer you. First of all, there is a kind of poetry to its colors, like an iridescent indigo dress with carmine reflections in its folds, then the texture, soft as a summer evening, and lastly, its bouquet; a cascade of aromas, black cherry, blackberry, leather, spices, mocha and cocoa...Take a deep breath and let the smell send shivers down your spine. Then, let yourself be carried away by the fine elegance of its tannins. In this way, slowly, Clos Apalta tells you its history, its terroir, its varietals and its education.

Clos Apalta knows what it is impressing on you – an emotional outburst and sensual vibrations which make sure it is never forgotten.

Country: Chile