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> Region: Southern Rhône > Subegion: Gigondas

Chateau Saint Cosme Gigondas Le Poste 2017

Chateau Saint Cosme Gigondas Le Poste 2017

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The Château de Saint Cosme 'Le Poste' is produced from old mixed plantings of Grenache. Whole clusters. Tortonian limestone marl hillsides at Saint Cosme chapel, in the ‘Le Poste’ named vineyard. Aged for twelve months: 50% in casks used for one wine - 30% in casks used for two wines.

"In my journey as a winegrower, during which I have been fortunate to meet many brilliant, inspiring people who have generously shared their knowledge, two of them have given me (and still give me) the keys to understanding the concept of place. The locality, or the ‘climat’ as they refer to it in Burgundy, is obviously a fundamental notion in our profession. These two people are my friends the geologist Georges Truc and the Burgundian sociologist who invented geo-sensory tasting, Jacky Rigaux. I would like to take this opportunity to tell them how grateful I am to them for having helped me so well along my journey. The pleasure of being the recipient of such clearly expressed and shared knowledge is inimitable. The fact that both Georges and Jacky were university lecturers probably explains why they are teachers at heart. If one place at Saint Cosme illustrates the notion of ‘place’, it has to be Le Poste, such is the ease with which it can be identified. Its unique topography and geology make it a source of inspiration for the imagination. Violet, ash, wild strawberry. Bottled without filtration."

Country: France

Region: Southern Rhône

Subegion: Gigondas

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